NJP-200Model Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Product Overview

NJP-200 Model Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine is a new product which replace the semi-automatic capsule filling machine, this equipment is especially suitable for hospitals, medical research institutions, pharmaceutical and health small factories, and they are welcomed by all customers.

Main Features:

1、The equipment has small volume, low power consumption, easy to operate and clean.

2、Products standardized, components can be interchanged, replacement of molds are convenient and accurate.

3、It adopt cam downside design, to increase pressure in atomizing pumps, keep cam slot well lubricated, reduce wearing, thus prolong the working life of the parts.

4、It adopt high precision graduator, little vibration, noise below 80db and use vacuum-positioning mechanism to ensure the capsule filling percentage up to 99.9%.

5、It adopt a plane in a dose-based, 3D regulation, uniform space effectively guaranteed load difference, rinsing very convenient.

6、It has man-machine interface, complete functions. Can eliminate faults such as materials shortage, capsule shortage and other faults, automatic alarm and shutdown, real-time calculation and accumulation measurement, and high accuracy in statistics.

Main Technical Parameters